Client Testimonials

“I have never felt so safe with someone at my most vulnerable time.”

“I first started working with Katriona 18 months ago, at that time I had experienced 2 severe breakdowns, which were induced from an awful work related grievance and I was prescribed medication to help manage the depression, anxiety and ADHD.

My mental health is quite complex as I have been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia and at that time was under investigation for epilepsy. 

In the course of working with Katriona, I realised that she was an expert therapist, able to understand and explain paths of my own thought processes.

Katriona helped me reach my goals, which were to stay in employment and to titrate off medication. In my sessions, we planned what I could do to help cope and strategies that I could do. I learnt a lot about my mental health and how to cope and live in a healthier lifestyle.

Katriona is definitely worth her weight in gold, her skill set is vast and she is extremely competent and knowledgeable. I have never felt so safe with someone at my most vulnerable time.” – H.

“Katriona’s therapy support and insight were truly life altering”

“Katriona and I worked together for over three months, during which time Katriona’s support and insight were truly life altering. Katriona is a professional in every sense, with super knowledge and experience. But above all it is her kindness that shines through and her ability to put you at ease at all times. I’m so thankful that I was able to work with Katriona and I know that I can turn to her again in the future if I need to. If you are looking for help, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

“Katriona was warm, understanding and had great insight into why I was feeling the way I was.”

“I first started my sessions with Katriona in January, when the cold and gloomy weather matched my mood. I was struggling with a lot of things and felt very overwhelmed.

Katriona was warm, understanding and had great insight into why I was feeling the way I was. I felt so comfortable from the get-go we built a strong level of trust, and that has let me open up in ways I previously haven’t wanted to.

I really like the way Katriona gives me so many helpful tools and coping mechanisms taken from different therapy models depending on what the current conversation or situation calls for. She also constantly refers back to previous conversations we’ve had which makes me feel listened to and understood.  I know my journey with Katriona will continue as I discover so much each week, after every session I feel lighter and energised. For the first time therapy is really helping me change my view of the world, and most importantly, myself.” – A. 

“I couldn’t recommend talking with Katriona highly enough”

“Katriona has really helped me navigate through recent challenging and anxious situations at work, and I have found my sessions with her always leave me feeling calmer, stronger and reassured.

Her  empathetic ear, kind demeanour and extensive professional experience mean she not only listens and understands, but is able to provide me  with a renewed sense of confidence and guide me to feeling empowered  taking my next professional steps.

I  couldn’t recommend talking with Katriona highly enough. Her down to  earth and friendly approach to therapy means I found building trust in  our sessions came naturally and quickly, which I value tremendously, and  I continue to look forward to my weekly sessions with her – five years  and still going strong!” – L. 

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