More working from home as the furlough scheme has been extended
October 24, 2020

Lots of people will have heard today about their fate for the next few months, regardless of whether the Lockdown 2.0 lifts in December or not.

For some, the prospect of being at home again will feel particularly difficult having assumed some normality around work over the last few months.

Ad hoc chats (not scheduled, not on Zoom!) at the coffee machine, popping out for lunch or a coffee with a colleague and that impromptu interaction with people outside of our households, all serve to feeling more connected with your employer, colleagues and your old way of life.

With those casual touchpoints taken away, employers need to work extra hard to ensure that whilst their employees are not visible in person, those that are not coping well, are “seen”.

I hear from my clients who are working at home, sometimes in small flats with no outside space. Many are feeling isolated and lonely, suffering in silence, fearful that should they complain about the increased workload as colleagues are furloughed or if the company is unstable, their employers will view them a liability and their role might be at risk. So much instability raises anxiety and our depletes energy levels when we need the energy to keep ourselves going, without the usual sources of energy.

Our mental health as a country has never been so fragile, employees need to be able to ask for help, know it is safe to do so and employers need to listen and take relevant action.

If you’re a business concerned about the mental health of your employees, and want to look to ensure the well being of your team, get in touch for a bespoke approach to workplace mental health carried out remotely.